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5 Ways Big Data Can Work For Your Business

There is a lot of information available to businesses today. The biggest challenge is how to use it. Big data, as the experts call it, is the vast amount of information that ...

Working Smart is Just as Important as Working Hard

Here’s a surprising statistic: almost 40% of small business owners and their employees work harder than they did five years ago. This amounts to a whopping eleven hours a week of work ...

Adobe’s Hackers Release Top 100 Most Common Passwords

At first, Adobe’s best estimates for the number of accounts hacked was in the low millions. Their latest estimate was ten times their original one, with new compromised accounts being discovered every ...

What You Should Know About Hacking: 4 Questions Answered

Small businesses are a major target for internet fraud. Information is stolen then used to create fake identities, steal intellectual property and money from bank accounts. The threat continues to increase ...

How a Strong Twitter Presence Can Help Your Business

Believe it or not, being popular on Twitter doesn’t necessarily mean you’re engaging your audience the way you should. While it’s important to have a lot of followers so you can reach ...

Why You Should Turn Your Business Computers off at Night

It’s been a long day, and you’re ready to quit and have a drink. However, as you walk away from your computer, you click the screen off and leave the computer ...

Adobe Hack Update: 38 Million Accounts Compromised Instead of 3 Million

Early last month, Adobe came under siege and the large company reported that somewhere around 3 million accounts were compromised. In their investigations, however, they have found that nearly 40 million accounts ...

3 Phases of Changing E-Commerce

E-commerce sales have steadily and consistently increased over the last decade. Since total consumer spending is maintaining, ...

How to Utilize the FAA Policy Changes: 10 Tips for Saving Power on Your Mobile Device

The Federal Aviation Administration recently announced that they will expand the use options for travelers and their portable electronic devices. This long-standing policy restricted use of electronics during takeoff and landing, and were ...

How to Handle Your Business Getting Hacked

Despite all of your security measures, your worst nightmare has happened anyway: you’ve been hacked. Now, not only do you have to figure out what was stolen, you have to alert your customers, make ...


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