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Four Ideas that Make for a Great Social Media Ad

You’ve probably heard a lot about social media marketing, and if you’re not already engaged in it, you probably want to be, if for no other reason than the fact that your competitors ...

Allow Your Staff and Customers to Get Used to New Technology, So They Will Love it (and Love You Too)

People claim they like new experiences, which may be true, but it is also true that many people don’t like changes in the things to which they have grown accustomed. In our ever-expanding ...

Using Technology to Establish a Great Brand That Your Customers Will Love Forever

Establishing a great brand that customers love doesn’t happen overnight. It takes careful planning, clean and consistent design, and a stellar marketing plan with a robust technology component. When a business has all ...

Five Common Technology Mistakes Made by Small Businesses, and How to Avoid Them

Technology such as computers, email, and the Internet can help make the process of starting and managing a business much easier, but there are certain pitfalls that can delay, or even stop, the ...

What One Billion Gamers Can Teach You About Business, Technology, and Profitability

Never mind for a moment that the world’s gamers are the single largest market on the planet. For the time being, forget about the fact that if gamers were a country unto themselves, ...

Why Your Kids Know More About Technologies Your Business Should be Using Than You

The Baby Boomers Lost It, And They Won’t Get It Back The “Baby Boomer” generation officially lost control of their greatest creation sometime around the year 2000, and they’re never getting it back. ...

5 Questions to Ask Before Introducing New Technology Into Your Business

Keeping up with technology today can be an overwhelming process. Nearly every month there seems to be a new device, new operating system, or new application available for use that makes older ...

5 Must Have Tech Tools for the Small and Medium Business

Are you running your business the hard way? Are you using out of date systems that could be replaced with ones that would save you time and money? If you haven’t taken a ...

Augmented Reality

If you haven’t heard much about “augmented reality,” you’re not alone. While it’s making a big splash in Europe and parts of Asia, it hasn’t yet caught on in America; but that is ...

Revolutionizing Retail

For decades, futurists have been predicting the arrival of the “cashless society.” The problem is, it hasn’t actually arrived yet. Yes, the advent of the debit card meant that your customers didn’t have ...


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