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New Android Feature: Free Facebook Calls from Facebook Messenger

Facebook has been expanding upon their voice-over-IP services for several months now, ever since they began to allow Facebook Messenger users to call outside iPhone lines. Today, the company has started ...

LinkedIn Rereleases Mobile Apps with Dramatic Changes

New applications for LinkedIn for the iPhone and Android have been released, and they have been completely overhauled as part of the effort to create a richer, more personalized experience. LinkedIn ...

Your Cellphone Could be Destroying Your Productivity

The first cell phone hit the market over forty years ago, and since then they have become one of the most popular electronics in the world. Of course, forty years ago ...

Let’s Talk About Vine

Twitter’s Vine is described as “the best way to see and share life in motion,” and companies are already flocking to it to see how they can make it work for ...

Vudu Resets all User Passwords, Hard Drives Stolen Recently

Vudu, a popular video service, has begun to warn its users that, though they have not been “hacked”, their office was broken into a few short weeks ago. A few days ...

Apple’s Version of Chrome Gets New Features

In the past few weeks, Google has been rolling out some pretty amazing updates for the iOS Chrome browser. Recently, the company added history features and sharing to iOS Chrome, and ...

A Few Things You Can Learn from Failed Businesses

Don’t think this means your business should fail – it shouldn’t. But you can still learn valuable lessons from businesses that have already taken a dive and have no hope of ...

Three Apps Every Business Person Should Have on Their Devices

It’s likely, since you have a business, that you have a tablet or smartphone to keep up with that business when you’re on the run. Whether you’re having lunch with a ...

Help Your Potential Customers Remember Your Brand

When you read the words “chocolate bar,” you probably think of a brand, and it’s probably Hershey. This is because you associate chocolate squares with a brand, and since ...

North Korea Sees Twitter and Flickr Account Hacks from Anonymous

Anonymous has been hacking North Korea for several weeks now, sources site. In the past few days, the attacks have been more focused than ever. Anonymous, saying they are acting as ...


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