Databases are key to most office IT environment. Deployment of these databases however is most cumbersome. Without any doubt, with traditional database approaches you will be confronted with a large database sprawl presenting vast security issues and eventually leading to big challenges for your company.

See what we mean

We deliver

Our Database-as-a-Service offers businesses like yours accelerated deployment, elastic capacity and greater efficiency when working with databases. Our DBaaS joins flexibility and power when working with SQL database. You will now benefit from a higher database availability as well as a much lower overall operational cost and complexity.

Functionality Included

With our DBaaS you do not not only get a simple Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform. We go all the way!

We make sure you have the required servers as well as a ready installed SQL database. We basically setup your complete database handling.

All of this delivered for one fixed monthly fee!

Centralized Management

Our services include an easily configured and deployed office environment with servers and desktops running on our state-of-the-art multi-tenant Cloud infrastructure. Configure and tune your database on business needs through a centralized management console.

High Availability and DR included

With our As-A-Service model, Disaster Recovery is easy!

With data image backup taken every 30 minutes and an option to have replicate any of your data to a second copy within the same data center or a secondary data center at a different location, we provide the most comprehensive Service in the marketplace.

Data Security

With our DBaaS any of your data is just that: Yours!

All your virtual machines and your databases are behind a fully configurable firewall. To guarantee the utmost security we use 256- bit AES encryption while storing your data on our expandable shared storage pool providing industries best security to your data images.

Further, your data is stored at locations within the United States.